India Tour Packages


Kashmir Tour Package

Also referred to as the “Heaven on Earth”, Kashmir is one of the most beautiful and untouched places in the whole of India. From the snow-clad majestic peaks of the Himalayas to the mesmerizing lakes surrounded with the beautiful flower orchards and deodar forests, visiting this Northern edge of India can bring around a whole new face of the Indian terrain as well as culture to you. Enjoying a peaceful houseboat ride in the famous Dal Lake of Kashmir to visiting the magnificently manicured Mughal Gardens, Kashmir hides behind a lot of adventurous places that need to be explored. Moreover, it is also home to “Amarnath Ji”, one of the most famous Hindu pilgrimages which received a whole lot of crowd each season for homage.

Agra Tour Packages

Who does not knows about this historical Mughal city? Home to one of the Seven Wonders of the World, Agra is one of the most visited cities throughout India b local as well as international tourists. Apart from the magnificent tomb of Mughal queen Mumtaz Mahal, Agra is also home to a whole lot of other monuments and gardens of historical importance. Standing just near the Taj is the Red Fort, which once used to be the capital of the Mughal Emperors. Just outside the city is the iconic Mughal city of Fatehpur Sikri which exhibits some of the most beautiful architectural marvels of the Mughal era. Apart from these monuments Agra also has a number of beautiful gardens which are the ideal locations for spending an early morning or an evening, witnessing the sun, rising up from the horizon or setting back down. Agra is a must in any of the India Tourism Packages.

Varanasi Tour Packages

One of the oldest as well as one of the most culturally rich cities of India. Varanasi showcases the true essence of the Indian Society. It also id one of the most important cities for all the Hindus throughout the world. People from all around the world tend to visit this historic city to gain peace and Moksha from their daily hectic lives. The beautiful Ghats along the river Ganga exhibits beautiful temples and evening chores which lightens up the bans of the majestic river and creates a whole new aura and feel for the visitors. Varanasi is also famous for its street food as well as special drinks. You must try out the famous food delicacies from the tight streets of Varanasi which can be a paradise for a hardcore foodie. Spending a day along the banks of Ganga a taking a boat ride across this beautiful river during the sunset can actually make up your whole day and make you forget all the worries of your life. It is a must for each and every person out there to visit this legendary city for at least once in their lifetime.

Ladakh Tour Packages

The land of the majestic snow cladded Himalayas, frozen lakes, and beautiful valleys, visiting the land of Ladakh is a must in each everyone’s bucket list. Visiting Ladakh is like a dream for almost each and every biker out there on their thundering bikes though the magical Himalayan Mountains. The roads to Ladakh are only approachable during the summers when the snow melts away and allows traffic passage. However, to experience the true essence of Ladakh at its best, it is advisable to visit the valley during the winters by air when the glorious Himalayas are at their best and the valley is also not flooded with the wannabe travelers. Also, home to some of the most beautiful and crystal clear lakes, spending a day along such a lake can provide with whole new life experience. You can also visit the numerous Buddhist monasteries during your visit to attain the true meaning of inner peace. Ladakh is one of its kind cold deserted land situated amidst the snow mountains with temperatures dropping down to freezing cold even during the warmer days. You can add this place to your India Tourism Packages to make the best out of your trip.

Jaisalmer Tour Packages

Known as the land of the Golden Sand, Jaisalmer also introduced you with a whole different aspect of India’s diverse culture, terrain, as well as climate. Jaisalmer is a beautiful desert city situated amidst the long stretches of Golden Sands of the Thar Desert. Home to an endless array of traditional forts and Havelis of Rajasthan, This beautiful city would introduce you to the ages old existing culture of the Rajasthani art, architecture, as well as culture. Famous for its Jali work, all the buildings, even the personal houses are a unique piece of the traditional Jaisalmer culture shouting out loud in its own way. Spending a bonfire night amidst the endless sand dunes in chilly weather is a must for each and every visitor to adore the star-filled beautiful black sky. Getting lost in the windy sand dunes and taking a camel back ride with your loved ones, and exploring the streets of Jaisalmer in itself would be a whole new great experience to remember by for years to come. The city of Jaisalmer lies just next to the border of India and it is advisable to visit this glorious place in winters to prevent the boiling hot temperatures during the summers.

Delhi Tour Packages

The heart of India and a must in India Tourism Packages, Delhi has some of the most beautiful and rich in historical places to visit by and adore. Moreover, being the capital city of India, Delhi is one of the most advanced cities of India. Some of the must-visit places of Delhi include the Red Fort, which was once the ruling center of the Mughal Empire. Other must-visit monuments of the Mughal era in Delhi include the Humanyun’s tomb and Qutab Minar which are both surrounded by lush green gardens to spend an evening by. If you want to go shopping, do not forget to hit the most famous Markets near Connaught Place. If you are lucky enough to visit Delhi during the flowering season, do not forget to visit the Mughal Gardens which is situated inside the President’s house. Hit up the cheap street markets of Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar to pack up your wardrobe with brand new clothes. If you are a food lover, places like Chandni Chowk and Amar Colony Market will act like a paradise for you. Delhi has got it all, ranging from the best of the food to the most exquisite of the hotels to stay in.

Rann of Kutch Tour Packages

Another unique feature of the Indian subcontinents, Rann of Kutch features the white desert of the Indian subcontinent. Kutch has an endless land of white sand which is created due to the abundance of salt in the region. Situated on the borders of Gujarat state, Kutch attracts a whole lot of tourists all round the year. This beautiful piece of land is submerged underwater for at least 4 months of the year, making it even more beautiful to visit and remember. If you are a bird lover, visiting one of the numerous bird sanctuaries of the region can make your day and witness you some of the migratory birds which visit this exotic place yearly. Also rich in culture, the artisans of Kutch are famous for its embroidery and exquisite handmade pieces. Another exotic additional features of Kutch include the traditional cylindrical huts of the Kutch region which makes your stay there even more comfortable and memorable. If you want to experience the traditional rustic experience of the Kutch region, staying in one of these traditional Bhungas can make your stay and visit to the Kutch region even more authentic.

Kerala Tour Packages

Another of the wonders of the India Your Packages. Kerala is the southernmost state of the Indian subcontinent. One of the richest states in terms of terrain, Kerala has everything ranging from beautiful beaches, backwaters, and lush green mountains. Some of the must-visit cities of Kerala are Alleppy which have the most beautiful of the backwaters where one can spend some days in the houseboats and live away some peaceful days. Alleppy also showcases some of the most beautiful beaches in Kerala. To experience the rich culture and architecture of traditional Kerala, visiting the capital city of Trivandrum is the perfect destination which features some of the greatest traditional building of Kerala including some of the best museums. Another must-visit cities of Kerala include Munnar which is rich in flora and fauna and exhibits some of the best waterfalls in the whole of the country. Famous for its tea gardens and some of the most beautiful reserves of flora and fauna, including some of the natural habitats of endangered species of animals. Visiting Munnar will not only provide you with a new experience of travel and adventure but also would bring you close to the mouth watering-delicacies and the exotic sea food of Kerala.

Lakshadweep Islands Tour Packages

One of the exotic Islands of India to spend a vacation away from the hustle-bustle of the subcontinent area amidst the endless waters. Lakshadweep is the smallest Union Territory of the Indian subcontinent. Lakshadweep is one of the most beautiful natural enclosures throughout the country. Moreover, if you wish to enjoy the island environment in the most naturalistic of its surroundings there cannot be a better option than the small group of islands forming the Lakshadweep. Lakshadweep also features of the best resorts which seem picture-perfect to spend away a family vacation or maybe even a honeymoon. Away from the traffic of the cities, the pollution and the toxic environment of the cities, the Lakshadweep Islands is one of the most peaceful places surrounded by natural and beautiful flora and fauna. If you love spending time along the sea line on beautiful sand beaches, Lakshadweep is the perfect destination for your getaway from the real world to spend some way away with your loved ones or even alone on a solo trip. This group of islands is also famous for water sports as well as adventure sports. You can even try your hand on scuba diving and snorkeling to gain an underwater mesmerizing experience. You can make it a part of your India Tour Packages and enjoy your vacations.

Jaipur Tour Packages

One of the oldest planned cities of India, Jaipur is the most visited cities by international travelers in the whole of India. Some of the must-visit places of Jaipur include the Amer Fort, which is situated amidst the hills of Aravalli with a beautiful lake, and a beautifully manicured garden in its front. The walled city of Jaipur has some of the most wonderful monuments made during the reign of Rajas and Maharajas of Jaipur. The Hawa Mahal stands as a monument of pride in the center of this beautiful city. If you wish to experience the lives of the rulers of old days, visiting the City Palace and peeking into the living styles of the royalties is a must. The walled city is also home to some of the legendary eateries of the Jaipur city. Some of the modern places to visit in Jaipur include the World Trade Centre which is famous for its shopping streets and beautiful interiors. Some of the other must-visit places of Jaipur include the historic forts of Nahargarh, Jaigarh, and the modern architectural wonder, Jawahar Kala Kendra which can provide you with the real insight into the culture of Jaipur. Add this exciting variety of places to visit in your to-do list and start packing for your next trip to one of these culturally as well as architecturally rich places to add on to your life experiences. So book your India tour packages right now and get ready for a fun ride.